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Posted by luxurycatamaran sur novembre 19, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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Posted by luxurycatamaran sur novembre 18, 2007

MAGIC CAT was designed, built by Gilles Ollier’s team at the Multiplast shipyard and launched in 1996.
She has been completely refitted in 2005 after 10 years of intensive sailing, including a three years around the world voyage and is still in perfect conditions. She is probably the fastest luxury cruising catamaran ever built so far.
MAGIC CAT has benefited from the great experience of Multiplast in building racing multihulls. She was built in vacuum bagged carbon composite, features a kevlar rigging with a rotating wing carbon mast and a carbon boom. Very fast, she is capable of cruising above true wind speed with usual speeds over 25 knots. With 4 double cabins for 8 quest, she is handled by a crew of three.
During the 12 month refit at her birth shipyard, the structure has been completely checked. New systems, engines, generators, have been installed. MAGIC CAT is ready to go for another ten years of luxury and fast sailing. She is available for sale with Philippe Guillemin at Willmar Usa.
I just realised this is my 51 st post. I hope you enjoy as much reading my blog as I enjoy writing it. Please if you want to leave any comments it would be great. Also if you have news I can post they will be very welcome.
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Exclusive 76 – Owners Version

Posted by luxurycatamaran sur novembre 14, 2007

A second ExclusivE 76 is being built at the Kingcat Shipyard in France. While the first unit was built for Sparkling Charter, this new unit has been ordered by a European client for his own use. She features one owner suite in the port hull and two guests suites in the starboard hull. It was very important for the owner to offer real crew quarters. The two crew cabins have an independant access from the salon or through decks hatches,with their own heads and shower. I think the interior layout is quite a sucess for this size of catamaran.

Another very interesting thing about the Exclusive 76 is that it was designed from scratch (including the moulds) to accomodate many different kinds of layout, thus offering many choices without important modifications in the building process.

This Gilles Ollier design will be fitted with a carbon mast, boom, spar and bowsprit, as well as built-in swing keels, she should be quite fast under sail. This ExclusivE 76 number 2 should be launched end 2008.

Georges Benarroch, Exclusive Marine CEO « .. our client was attracted by the technical specifications, the flowing lines and the optimum use of capacity on the Exclusive 76 ».

There are many great 3ds of this exeptionnal luxury catamaran on the website of ExclusivE Marine. They are the work of Guillaume Hennes, check his website he is very talented.

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YAPLUKA Catamaran Yachts

Posted by luxurycatamaran sur novembre 11, 2007

One of the best catamaran Video I have seen. The Yapluka 73.

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Posted by luxurycatamaran sur novembre 7, 2007

Back to my blog, sorry for the delay between the last post and this new one, I was away busy at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Thanks to Gildas Plessis for the information and the images for this post. Studio 3 is an architect and design office created by Gildas Plessis and two associates Yan Dilassier and Xavier Fay. With 5 designers aboard and powerful dedicated softwares the team is able to master the most demanding projects, from production yachts to superyachts and of course luxury catamarans. They have done superstructure design work for Oceanco and Vegayachts.

Let me introduce three of their catamarans designs.

ETOILE MAGIQUE (above) is a 25 meters charter catamaran launched in 2005. Built in composite in Saint Malo by the Etoile Océane shipyard, it is available for charter through Etoile Marine Charter. It features 8 doubles cabines with their own head and a huge 55 sqm cockpit. Studio 3 is actually design a luxury version of this catamaran.

DREAM OF DUBAI, is a 49 meters in aluminium, being developped right now by the design team for a luxury charter company. A double decker with a lot of space available, restaurants and accomodations are separated for privacy and feature a great view on the sea. No doubt with such a name this project will be available for cruises in the DUBAI area.

GREYHOUND, 22 meter, in composite with dagger-boards, carbon rotating wing mast, my favorite, a very innovative and agressive design.

This fast catamaran features two independent hulls. In the hulls you have 3 double cabins and one single all with their own heads. On the platform, one side hosts a dining room and the other an owner suite both with balconies on the sea !!.

The interior has been designed by Olivier Gossart a French Designer with offices in Paris. Check his website I really like his hotels and restaurants designs.

Good luck to this design team and thanks again for the information.

If you are a designer, a design team or a luxury catamaran builder. Do not hesitate to send me your information so I can post it on my blog.

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Posted by luxurycatamaran sur octobre 18, 2007

I just received this news from Ewa Stachurska, the PR manager at SUNREEF shipyard in Gdansk, Poland. The shipyard has signed a contract with a client from Switzerland to build the first SUNREEF 102 double deck. ‘‘We are very excited by the interest in this model, it’s certainly the only double deck, an innovative Sunreef idea,’’ says Nicolas Lapp, the Vice President of Sunreef, ‘‘It is really quite revolutionary in the superyacht world.’. This prestigious unit will be launched beggining 2009 and will be one of the largest sailing catamaran at that time. There is actually a real trend toward bigger and bigger mega catamarans above 100 feet. Actually sailing are DOUCE FRANCE and LADY BARBARETTA, and in built are the NAHEMA 120 , the GEMINI 145 (Derektor shipyard) and the HH 100 (Alumarine). Built in aluminium, the SUNREEF 102 will be the first with a Double Deck. It will feature a cosy, classic and comfortable interior designed by the Sunreef team with a close participation by her owner. You can find more information on Sunreef website.

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Large Folding Catamaran

Posted by luxurycatamaran sur octobre 17, 2007

I had to show you that video.

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Posted by luxurycatamaran sur octobre 12, 2007

Another luxury catamaran concept found on the web, the SEA-VOYAGER 83. This unusual mega catamaran has been developped by Vincent Duchatelet and his design agency E.S.Y concept. Apparently the famous Skipper, Loic Peyron, is also at the origin of the concept. Have a look at Loic Peyron’s website and check the list of his records and victories, it is amazing. He is actually heading the Gitana’s Sailing Team, owned by the Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, a familiy with a long sailing tradition. The main suprise in the SEA-VOYAGER concept is the aft cabin roof located on the platform. This unusual feature will enable the guests to have a very private access to their cabins and I guess an amazing view on the sea. In his website Vincent Duchatelet explains that every thing onboard has been though out to make sailing easy and confortable for the crew and the guests for a navigation around the world. The SEA-VOYAGER 83 has also a little sister the SEA-VOYAGER 63. The first unit has been sold to a chinese customer and will be launched in 2009.

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Posted by luxurycatamaran sur octobre 7, 2007

Most of the time in magazines you don’t find prices for new builts or new concepts. If you really look for it you will find the following prices on the web not directly through shipyards but mainly through brokers or general boats sales websites. Those prices are usually given for a complete but standard equipment. The luxury catamarans being most of the time customized to the clients wishes of course the end price will differ. But for you information
YAPLUKA DD 130 – 16 000 000 € (the DD 100 being priced at 10 700 000 € and the DD 115 at 12 800 000 €)

BLUBAY 100 – 12 000 000 € (on another website I found 9 200 00 € a small difference ?).

MULTIPLAST 90 – 6 500 000 €

YAPLUKA 85 – 5 650 000 € (6 350 000 for the Double Deck version DD 85)

MATRIX 76 – 3 000 000 €

EXCLUSIVE 76 – 4 500 000 €

MULTIPLAST 75 – 5 000 000 €

YAPLUKA 75 – 4 380 000 €

PRIVILEGE 75 – 4 200 000 €

BLUBAY 72 – 4 200 000 €

For your information the websites I have found the prices :

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Building of a Catana Catamaran

Posted by luxurycatamaran sur octobre 2, 2007

I am using this youtube feature for the first time so here is the video at least.

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