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Posted by luxurycatamaran sur mai 11, 2007

I had lots of information to share with you about Sunreef, which were sent to my by Ewa Stachurska their PR manager, a few week ago. Sunreef is very successfull. The shipyard was created in 2002 by Francis Lapp. Sunreef shipyard’s buildings now comes up to a total of 6000 sqm meter. Actually 300 highly qualified workers with a study office of 40 people are building and designing the boats. This company has built 6 catamarans and has 9 in progress since 2006. I think this is the largest luxury catamaran builder that I know off. They are also building a 67 feet power catamaran and à 60 feet monohull. Their largest is the 74, « CHE« , available for charter. I wrote about her in a previous message. They also run a very efficient charter company Sunreef Charter. Their design team is also working of a 150 feet, a 170 feet and a 200 feet project, huge catamarans. I would like those projects to be launched so I can write about them. Sunreef has distributors in Italy, Spain, and the USA. I also wrote on their 62 Guapa on a previous post. If you go to Sunreef’s website (which is great) you will be able to look at a video produced by the sailing channel, see how the boats are built and a little very little bit of Poland at the beginning and the Antigua Charter Week at the end.


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